Human is not a robot.
That's why you should hire one.
Produce more than others. Reduce labor costs. Increase your profit.
Start digitally optimizing business processes before it's too late.
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Get to know the services
of digital optimalization
Robotic Process Automation
Computer Software (robot) performing repetitive tasks.
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SAP ERP Consulting
& Development
Consultations about implementation, transformations and so on.
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Process Mining
Mapping and optimization of your processes based on data analysis.
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Robotic Process Automation
Service that brings new opportunities, resources, capacity for innovation and efficiency for the employee and the company in general.

That means growth, progress and above all an improvement of position on market.
Why choose RPA?
Cost reduction
RPA robot can work continuously 24/7/365 and would reduce your labor costs by 35-65%.
Increased accuracy
Eliminating errors leads to reduced costs and potential loss due to wrong data.
Fast ROI (Return On Investments)
Fast return of investment in the range of 6-9 months thanks to the high speed of automation.
Non-invasive technology
The technology does not require any changes in the IT architecture of your company.
Customer experience
Increasing the quality of services up to the level of 100% customer satisfaction.
Innovation and business growth
RPA robots take on repetitive tasks with lower added value, while they are managed by humans.
Improving business processes
RPA improves the quality of individual processes and increases the productivity of the company.
Once there is one robot, other robots can be deployed in a short time at minimal cost.
Wide range of application RPA
in business processes
Automation of received invoices, inclusion, data extraction and subsequent settlement in the information system, saving in archive
Automation of processing, billing and archiving of bank listings and blocks
Checking overdue invoices and notification of people
Price comparison and selection of suppliers
Travel requirement – control, billing
Pairing invoices with payments
Automation / report generation
Human resources
Start / leave of employee – robot creates and prepares the necessary user accounts, accesses and orders the necessary work tools
Payroll – control of attendance, processing, accounting
Personal data – control, creation, change and deletion in all information systems of the company
Tender – screening and filtering of candidates
Costumer Center
Creation or cancellation of orders based on customer requirements
Automatic answers based on predefined rules, with the ability to enter various information systems of the company and provide the customer with relevant information
Processing of various requests / confirmations
Verification of the availability of goods
Wide range of application RPA
in business processes
Validation of contracts
Creation of contracts / orders in IS
Checking and planning the material stocks needed for delivery
Automatic issuance and sending of invoices
Automatic creation and sending of orders
Creation and maintenance of master records in IS
Control of suppliers
Automatic billing receipt card
Information technology
Automation IT infrastructure monitoring
Automation of helpdesk ticket processing
and many others...
Depending on the processes of a particular company
Consulting & Development
A set of consulting services, thanks to which you can streamline your functioning of the whole company SAP ERP information system. The goal is to improve business processes, improve productivity and increase profits.

We can also take care of the complete implementation of this system in your company.
Consultations in 5 segments
Data migrations
and automation
Solving specific problems
Additional services
Development of suitable programs and interfaces
Training courses
Process Mining
A service, that will make your processes clearer and more efficient.

We will create data analysis from your informations systems, on the basis of which we can reveal hidden problems and opportunities, eliminate errors, speed up processes and enable hude potential to reduce operating costs and increase incomes.
Gain a competitive advantage
thanks to the understanding of own processes
Comparison of processes before and after optimization
Thanks to modern technologies, you also finally have the opportunity to see your processes in real form, without being influenced by distorted data, outdated process diagrams or subjective opinions.
Who has already decided
for more efficient working business
Case study #1
Automation of control and subsequent release of sales orders in SAP ERP systems
Reduce time and human errors in the whole process, reduce operating costs and shorten delivery cycles
Release employee work capacity from repetitive and lengthy tasks with low added value
Based on the rules was developed "Turnkey Robot" and after deployment it works several times every working day, even over the weekend
The robot as a human downloads all necessary reports and information from the SAP system, evaluates the data in short while and determines which order can or cannot be released
The robot processes all orders (releases, or doesn't release), creates a report on the processing of individual items for individual countries, saves it on a shared disk in the required format and data range and send a notification e-mail to the responsible people about the progress of processing
Measure of automation
Labor costs
before robotization
of person
4 people x 3 hrs = 12 hrs per day
Labor costs
after robotization
of person
1 person x 30 min = 30 min per day
Return of investment
Speed of return
of investment
Case study #2
Automation and electronic receiving and processing of supplier invoices
Reducing time and human error in the whole process, reducing operating costs and shorten delivery cycles
Release employee work capacity from repetitive and lengthy tasks with low added value
Based on rules was developed "Turnkey Robot" and after deployment it works several times every working day
Based on defined rules, the robot classifies, sorts and then sends received invoices for automatic data extraction – after validation of the invoice by the accountant, the robot posts the invoice to the ERP system, archives the invoice and generates a control report with all required data
Measure of automation
Labor costs
before robotization
of people
5 people x 6 hrs = 30 hrs per day
Labor costs
after robotization
of people
5 people x 3 hrs = 15 hrs per day
Return of investment
Speed of return
of investment
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